1 Nephi 6:1-6

1-2 [Nephi on hammock]
I, Nephi, am not going to write everything my father already wrote, because it's hard to make metal plates and hard to write on them. But it's important to know that we are descended from Joseph.

[important Egyptian in front of pyramids]
Joseph was Israel's son that was a slave in Egypt, but then became important and saved his whole family from starving.

3 [leaf of plates with God all over filling every space]
I need to write the things of God, and if I write all our history, there won't be enough room.

4 [Nephi with missionary nametag and suit?]
I want to persuade everyone to come unto the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and be saved.

5 [Nephi looking up at God in light with other characters ignoring Nephi in background in dark]
I write what I think pleases God, even if other people in the world don't like it.

6 [Nephi shaking finger or pounding fist at kids]
I'm going to tell my kids to make sure they write only important things on these plates.