1 Nephi 5:11-22

11-13 [Diagram of table of contents: books of Moses, book of adam and eve, histories to Zedekiah, prophets to Jeremiah]
The plates contained a version of books from the Old Testament (we didn't call it that), and some that you don't have in the Bible. They included the books of Moses and the stories of the creation of the world and Adam and Eve, our first parents, and other writings about the history and prophets of the Jews.

14 [genealogical tree: Jacob (by pyramids) to Lehi]
The plates had a list of my father's fathers and grandfathers, showing that he was descended from Joseph, who was sold as a slave in Egypt.

15 [Israelites running with tents over heads from pyramids and warriors with chariots]
Joseph's descendants were saved from captivity in Egypt just like the Lord was saving us from Jerusalem.

16 [Plates with genealogy to Laban and everyone in Laban's line holding the plates]
Important family records like the brass plates were passed down from father to son. Laban had the records because he was descended from Joseph, too, just like us.

17 [Spirit blowing Lehi up like a balloon]
My father saw all this and was filled with the Spirit and began to tell us what would happen in the future.

18 [Brass plates all over the world]
He said the prass plates would go all over the world to all nations and families, and in all languages.

19 [Calendar with picture of brass plates tearing away (or timeline), 600 BCE to 2000 CE, with brass plates shining on both pages]
He said the writings of the brass plates would never be lost, and they would always be bright for future generations.

20-22 [carrying the brass plates under a special tent on the back of a camel]

My father and I loved and kept the commandments of the Lord found in the records, so we kept them and carried them with us in the wilderness so that our children could follow the commandments, too.