1 Nephi 5:1-10

1 [Lehi and Sariah in front of camp jumping for joy]
While we were gone back to Jerusalem, our mother, Sariah, was very sad. When we got back to our camp in the wilderness, our parents were filled with joy.

2 [Sariah animatedly talking to Lehi, imagining dead sons]
Our mom thought we must have died in the desert, and complained to our dad that he had led us into the wilderness to die because of dreams and visions.

4 [hazy golden/rosy glow over camp life, or past visions]
Dad said, "I know I'm a visionary man. If I hadn't seen the things of God in a vision I wouldn't have know how good God is and I would have stayed in Jerusalem and died with my brethren."

5 [hazy land of promise and/or sons running from Laban]
I rejoice because the Lord has promised me a new home, and I know my sons will be delivered from Laban and return to us.

6 [Lehi comforting Sariah]
This is how my father, Lehi, comforted my mother, Sariah, while we were gone.

7-8 [Sariah picturing God over camp and sons]
When we got back, my joyful mother said: Now I know that the Lord commanded my husband to flee and my sons to get the brass plates, and that He protected and helped my sons.

9 [offering sacrifice on altar]
My parents were so joyful and grateful to God that they killed animals and burned some parts of them to worship the God of Israel

10 [Lehi reading the plates]
After the celebration, my father, Lehi, read the records on the plates of brass from the beginning.