1 Nephi 4:9-19

9 [sword close up]
The hilt of Laban's sword was pure gold. The workmanship was exceedingly fine. The blade was precious steel.

10 [Nephi backing up, shying from Laban]
The Spirit told me to kill Laban, but I had never killed anyone before.

11 [Nephi, Spirit voice bubble and thought bubble]
The Spirit told me again that the Lord had led me to Laban when he was drunk, and I thought, he had robbed us and tried to kill us. AND Laban wouldn't listen to God.

12 [Spirit voice bigger]
The Spirit told me again to kill him. It's what God wants.

13 [timeline: dead Laban at beginning, Nephi's grandkids later on]
The Lord slays the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should die than that a nation should dwindle and perish because they don't believe in God.

14 [Memory bubble, descendents in Mesoamerica]
Then I remembered that the Lord promised me my descendents would prosper if they kept the commandments, and they couldn't keep the commandments if they didn't have them, and the commandments were on the brass plates.

18 [Nephi cutting of Laban's head]
So I cut off Laban's head with his own sword,

19 [Nephi putting on Laban's clothes]
And I put on his clothes, and armor, and everything.