1 Nephi 4:20-32

20 [Nephi and Zoram with keys]
I went to find Laban's treasury, and I found his servant who had the keys. I imitated Lab[an's voice and said, "Take me to the treasury!"

21 [N & Z at treasury]
He talked a lot and asked a lot of questions, but I fooled him and told him I needed to take the brass plates to my elder brothers who were outside the city walls.

25 [N & Z going out of the city. Maze?]
I told him to follow me. He thought I was talking about the elders of the church, so he did. I know because he asked me lots of questions about why we were going.

28 [L & L jumping up in fear]
When Laman saw me he thought I was Laban, so he jumped up and started to run away with my brothers.

29 [running brothers, calling Nephi, crown off]
I called after them and they stopped, but then Laban's servant was scared.

31 [Nephi tackling Z]
I had to grab him to keep him from running away.

32 [N sitting on Z]
I promised Laban's servant on my life and on God's life that if he would listen we wouldn't kill him.