1 Nephi 4:33-38

33 [Naked Zoram running free on desert map]
I promised him that if he came with us into the wilderness, he would be free like us, and not a servant.

34 [God over Nephi sitting on Zoram]
I said that God told us to take the brass plates and run away, so shouldn't we do it? I told the servant he could come with us.

35 [? Zoram slapping the ground? Looking courageous?]
Now Zoram (I learned that was his name) liked the idea, and promised that he would travel with us.

36 [Angry mob outside walls looking puzzled]
We wanted Zoram to come with us so that the Jews wouldn't know where to find us and kill us.

37 [Nephi and brothers looking relieved]
After Zoram promised he would come, we weren't afraid anymore.

38 [all w/ tents on heads and brass plates on map returning to Lehi]
We took the brass plates and went back into the wilderness to our father, Lehi.