1 Nephi 4:1-8

1 [God bigger than earth]
I said, "let's go. The Lord is mightier than all the earth, why can't he beat Laban and his soldiers?"

2 [moses dividing Red Sea]
"Didn't Moses divide the Red Sea so the Israelites could go free on dry land, and Pharoah's armies drowned?"

[wind and tide clearing Reed Sea]
(I thought Moses had really divided the Red Sea even though it may have been a shallower sea.)

3 [Nephi to brothers, angel and Red Sea in air]
I told my brothers, "You know it's true, so let's trust the Lord and go get the plates."

4 [Laman and Lemuel following, grumbling]
Laman and Lemuel were still angry, but they followed me back to Jerusalem.

5 [night hiding outside wall, Nephi creeping in]
It was night. My brothers hid outside the walls, and I crept into the city.

6 [maze with dotted trail]
I didn't know where I was going, but the Spirit led me near the house of Laban and I found a drunk man on the ground.

8 [Nephi holding shiny sword over drunk Laban]
It was Laban. He was wearing an amazing, steel and gold sword. I drew it and looked at it.