1 Nephi 3:22-31

22 [in house putting treasure in bags]
So we went to our old house and got our gold, silver, and precious things.

24[treasure bags on Laban's desk]
We tried to buy the brass plates from Laban with our treasure.

25 [close up Laban and treasure]
Laban wanted our treasure, so he had his servants chase us out.

26 [brothers running, soldiers chasing]
We had to leave our treasure and run away.

27 [foreground brothers in cave, background soldiers running by]
We got away and hid in a cave.

28 [Laman and Lemuel hitting Nephi and Sam with stick]
Laman and Lemuel were angry and hit me and Sam with a rod and yelled at us.

29 [angel between brothers]
An angel appeared and said, "Why are you hitting your brother, Nephi? Don't you know the Lord has chosen Nephi to be a ruler over you because of the bad things you've done?"

[angel shooing them back to Jerusalem]
"Go back to Jerusalem and the Lord will help you get the plates from Laban."

31 [Laban shooting lightning from fingers at dead people]
Laman and Lemuel complained, "How can we beat Laban? Laban commands 50 soldiers and can kill 50 people. Why won't he kill us?!"