1 Nephi 2:16-24

16 [Nephi praying]
I, Nephi, cried unto the Lord, and he did visit me. I believed all the words spoken by my father, so I did not rebel against him.

17-19 [flow chart belief/unbelief]
    God -> prophets
     ^     \  / |
     |       \/  |
     |       /\  |
     ?    L  \ |
   ^          /    /    |
   |         /     /      |
   x     /      /         |
I told Sam about my prayers and answers and he believed me. I told Laman and Lemuel and they didn't. That made me and dad sad.

[Foreground back of Nephi, land w/ flowers and fruit background]
Because I sought him, the Lord told me: I will lead you to a land of promise and prosper you, if you do what I say.

[Nephi with mortar board and crown]
You will be a ruler and a teacher over your brothers.

[little Laman poking little Nephi w/ a stick]
If your children forget me, Laman and Lemuel's children will remind yours to follow God again.