1 Nephi 1:16-20

[Lehi writing all over the wall. Above quote in Jim's Morse.]
I can't write everything because my dad wrote a lot.

[Lehi talking to brothers, Nephi rapt, Laman sleeping]
He talked to us a lot, too.

[Nephi pulling pages out of big book to put in small book]
I'm abridging my father's writings. That means I pick the best parts and make them shorter.

[Lehi at pulpit]
Lehi went to meetings in Jerusalem and told them all the bad things he saw.

[Lehi pulpit background. people whispering/laughing in foreground]
The Jews mocked him and were angry.

[Lehi being chased from church]
They chased my dad and tried to kill him, but I will show you that God saved my dad's life.