Title Page

I'm Moroni. I helped my dad, Mormon, pick the most important parts out of all these records of a people called the Nephites.

I lived 1600 years ago. That's when your grandparents' grandparents' grandparents, back about 30 times, lived.

We wrote this book for you and for the children of the Lamanites. The Nephites' children and grandchildren and other descendents are all going to be dead or lost when you get this book.

God is going to make sure you get it, even though this book will have been hidden for a long time. There are three things I want you to learn from this book:

First, God made us promises, and he kept them.

Second, even people who ignore God or run away from him will be welcomed back when they choose to seek God again.

Third, Jesus, our savior, shows himself to people all over the world.

I probably made mistakes in some of these stories, but I did my best. Don't throw out the good stuff because I made mistakes.