1 Nephi 1:8-12

[God on throne, angels]
My father, Lehi, was carried away in a vision. He saw God sitting on his throne, surrounded by angels, singing and praising.

[little sun surrounded by black, Jesus with white radiating]
He saw One descending out of heaven (we think this was Jesus) that was brighter than the sun.

[carton of eggs with faces flying down]
He saw twelve others following him that were brighter than the stars in the firmament.

[stars going in perfect circles through the night]
We called it the firmament because we thought stars always stayed in exactly the same places. They went around the sky in perfect circles.

[planets doing loops]
Planets looked like stars, too, but they did loops in the sky, so they weren't firm.

[Jesus giving Lehi book]
The One gave my dad a book. My dad started to read it.